Bed Restaurant in Harrogate

Bed Restaurant, Harrogate

Look, some sky people people from Team Sky came to make a film about me and how this big bike race is affecting me... did I tell you the race goes right past my house? It goes right past my house.

We could have put loads of stuff here to impress you, like all our food is fresh and cooked to order and we have a fine choice of some 40+ wines and champagne. But we wont...

Whether dressed to the nines or jus' in jeans and a T-shirt, you will always receive a warm and inviting welcome to a place that gives you fab food, loving service and a smile by folk who love what they do.

We offer three separate floors... a bar area on the ground floor and and two separate dining rooms. We serve yum food without too much of a do, will rise to the occasion...or we can all have a giggle.

Be it an 'Early Night in B.e.d', a 'Group Session' or a wee bit of 'Corporate Pillow Talk' we wont leave you disappointed.

Take a peep at our menu and if you like what you see then...who will you spend the night in B.e.d with?

Please take a look through our site via the navigation at the top of this page...and thankyou for getting into Bed... hope you have fun...

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The 'B' in Bed

new menu!!

BikeEatDrink now up and running cycling... you know what we mean.

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  • The Bar in BedThe bar @ B.e.d (downstairs)
  • The Red Room at Bed Restaurant, HarrogateThe Red Room (1st Floor)
  • Bed Restaurant Blue RoomThe Blue Room (2nd Floor)

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